"From the first day on I was warmly accepted into the team and had a personal mentor at my side. There is always a helping hand for questions or challenges. My responsibilities are very diverse and always exciting in dealing with the latest developments and trends. The working atmosphere is simply great. I hit the jackpot with nemetris ." (Kevin)

"nemetris offers us the flexibility we need as a married couple to combine work and family in a very relaxed way. You always learn something new due to the wide range of work. We have a great relationship to our colleagues and there is always something to laugh about." (Eszter & Zsolt)

"We always have open, honest and direct communication – among colleagues to superiors. It is fulfilling to have a job that pleasantly surprises you with new challenges on a daily basis. I also enjoy the responsibility with the projects as well as the trusting contact with our customers." (Paul)

We are looking for a specialist to strengthen our team. The market offers tremendous potential for development and that's where you come in.

Your chance to start at nemetris as:

We are flexible and after prior arrangement it is possible to work from home.

At nemetris advancement is encouraged and supported. Regular training for current projects and programs is offered in-house. We also gladly offer external training and education according to individual requirements.

We have a fully equipped kitchen that is actively used at lunchtime. Coffee and soft drinks are provided, and a regular breakfast together helps contribute to the team spirit.

nemetris works with a coach who advises management, but also is available as a discussion partner for our employees for special topics.

We have team meetings twice a week in which we discuss the current developments and projects together so that all employees are brought up to date with the same level of knowledge.

A small and quiet environment helps and make it easier to concentrate. A meeting room can be used for team meetings.

We speak German, Hungarian, English, Polish, Russian, Croatian and Swabian.

All offices have a modern design. Ergonomic desks are standard, providing employees a more pleasant and comfortable working environment.

Upon agreement and after you have adjusted to the new job, it is possible to have flexible working hours at nemetris.

We have table soccer to help build the team spirit. And for those who like more active sports, we play badminton and go on bicycling tours together.